Saturday, April 21, 2007

FAQ and About

No one's really ever asked me a question on this blog, so this is a made up FAQ. If anyone ever gets curious, I'll revise it.

Who the heck are you?My name is Jennie and I'm a branch manager at a public library in the DC metro area, but I started this blog back when I was working in cataloging for a research database. Before moving in branch management and adult services, I was a youth services librarian for 7 years. I've always been a reader. I have a degree from Grinnell College in History with an interdisciplinary concentration in Chinese Studies. My MLIS is from the University of Maryland, majoring in Archives/Record Management. I'm married to someone with an obscene number of master's degrees and a holy tolerance for the stack of books in our house. I like to read and travel and read while traveling.

I have served on the MG/YA Nonfiction Cybils judging panel in 2007 and 2008. I was on the nominating panel in 2009 and 2011.

I was on the 2009 Maryland Blue Crab Award Committee, which awards fiction and nonfiction books written at the early and transitional reading levels.

I was the 2013 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction committee.

I chaired the 2014 YALSA Outstanding Books for the College Bound committee.

Why should I care about your reviews? or Why do you review?Because I have awesome taste. Ok, you don't have to care. I review books because amongst the people who actually know me in the real world, I have a reputation for being a crazy reader. I read a lot in a wide variety of books. People started asking me for book recommendations. I started to blog about books to see if I could start or participate in a wider conversation. I post my opinions on books out there for you to take or leave.

I review because it's fun and I have a lot to say and I could talk all day about what I've read lately. If I put my thoughts here, it saves the people around me from having to listen to it all. This is not a place for professional-type reviews. When I write a professional-type review (or a professional review) I will link it here.

Also, see why I blog.

What's your policy on reviewing free books and Advanced Reader's Copies?In general, if I read it, I review it. Not necessarily right away, but eventually. There are a few exemptions. Please see my Review Policy.

What gets reviewed?
See my Review Policy.

What's with the Amazon links?
I am an Amazon associate, which means if you click on one of the Amazon links on my page and buy something (Even if it's not what you clicked on) then I get a percentage of the sale (how big of a percentage depends on how many items were purchased in a month.)

I do this because I like to buy books and I can't always buy books, because the mortgage also demands paying, and my belly frequently demands food. So, if I can make a little money off this blog (and trust me, I'm not making much) that means I can buy more books. Which I will then read, and review, all for your pleasure.

Have you ever read a book you didn't like?
This is a real question from one of my coworkers at booktalk training where I kept saying, "oooo! I love that book!" I do like most of what I read, but not everything. There are negative reviews here.

Why review books you didn't like?
To tell people not to waste their time, to offer a different opinion if everyone else in the universe loved it. Because I want to review everything I read, and I don't like everything.

Why read books you don't like?
Sometimes, I have to for work. Sometimes, they're like car crashes and I can't turn away from the ickyness.

How can I contact you?You can email me at kidsilkhaze at yahoo dot com. This is also the email address you can usually find me in other places like LibraryThing.

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