Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Melissa de la Cruz bonus question

Why do vampires and werewolves go together so well?

I think it's just fun to have more than one supernatural creature, and while vampires stand in for sexy fun, the werewolves are about beastly fun. They make a great comparison, since vampires are supposed to be so inhumanly sophisticated, while the wolves appeal to our animal nature—they're out of control, and you know, furry. Furry is always fun.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A-Z Challenge

The Books:

A-- ArchEnemy

B-- Boys are Dogs

C-- Cold Comfort Farm

D-- Dinosaur Mummies

E-- The End of the Affair

F--Fat Cat

G-- Great Fables Crossover

H--Haunted (Lady Grace Mysteries)


J-- Jimmy's Stars

K--Kith (The Good Neighbors)

L--The London Eye Mystery

M--The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

N--The Norman Conquest of England

O--Out of the Dust

P-- Paris Pan Takes the Dare


R--Renegade (Rebel Force)

S--Splendor (The Luxe)

T-- Tales of Cryptids

U--Up Down Over Under


W-- Wild Things


Y-- Year of the Tiger

Z--Zombies vs Unicorns

The Authors:

A--Alvarez, Julia

B-- Berlin, Eric

C-- Creech, Sharon

D--Davies, Jacqueline

E--Ellsworth, Loretta

F-- Flake, Sharon

G--Gaiman, Neil

H-- Halls, Kelly Milner

I--Ignatow, Amy

J-- Jacobs, AJ

K--Kelly, Jacqueline

L-- Lopez, Diana

M--Murphy, Jim

N--Nesbo, Jo

O--Ostow, Micol

P-- Pratchett, Terry


R-- Riordan, Rick

S--Small, David

T--Telegemeier, Raina


V--Venkatraman, Padma

W--Wheeler, Alex


Y-- Yee, Lisa




1. Woman from Shanghai
2. Wicked
3. War and Peace
4. Too Cool for School
5. United States of Arugula
6. Spud
7. Ten Things I Hate About Me
8. Secret Society Girl
9. Shades of Grey
10. Sky Burial
11. Pledged
12. Possession


1. River Town
2. Script and Scribble
3. The Orientalist
4. Peter and Max
5. Mango Shaped Space
6. The Market
7. Last Chinese Chef
8. The Host
9. Inheritance
10. General Winston's Daughter
11. Hat Full of Sky
12. Girl from the Golden Horn