Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Little Blue Envelope

Ok, it was painfully obvious that with Keith paired up with Ellis, Ginny would end up with Oliver. Oliver the black-mailer. Oliver the fuckwad. Oliver who doesn't have ANYTHING to recommend him. Yes, he has the sob story at the end of the book, but NO. He sucks in a million ways and if you want me to believe him as a romantic figure, then you have to prove it. Johnson shows the growing attraction, but never sold it. I never fully believed in it, so when Oliver has a perfectly good reason for his douche-bag actions* and they kiss, all I could do was throw the book across the room. 

The fact that Ginny falls for him and his stupid act makes me really dislike Ginny. It ruined this book and the last book for me.

*And you know what? THAT'S NOT A GOOD REASON. You can work full time and go to uni part time. Uni fees for full time are only 3000GBP a year no matter where you go. They have student loans. You don't need to blackmail a girl out of her aunt's artwork (which, frankly, I think Ginny should have kept for herself instead of selling it and I think she wanted to.) BUT NO! 


Blogger Tessa said...

I agree--that was the worst part of the book. In the end, I was glad that he had a reason to act like a terrible person. Not that I really bought into the reason... and didn't he refuse to go through with the sale?

But I don't like Keith, either. I didn't even like him that much in the first book. Now I want to do an analysis of all of the Romantic Interests in Mo-Jo's books, to see if they are all lacking in some way.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Jennie said...

He did refuse, but at that point... ugh.

Keith didn't make me swoony, but I at least bought the romance and could see why he made Ginny swoony. He annoyed me more in this book, but I was also glad he was there.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doing some research; first of all, the last little blue envelope is one of my favorites! I read it a few months ago, and i need to remember where, the irish tomb was and details of it. Help?! That part when she got the last piece of art she needed to complete her aunts piece, i can't remeber! Thankful for any info.
if you could contact me through Tumblr I'd appreciate it if you have any help. Thank you fellow book lover.

6:24 PM  

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