Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Princess Mia

JP SUCKS! And why is Mia so naive?!

I mean, here are all the ways in which JP is NOT COOL:

1. He strung Lilly on forever
2. He dumped her as soon as Mia was single
3. He then makes an immediate move for Mia
4. He tries to drive a wedge between the two
5. Is really sneaky in how he's making his move on Mia

Is it just me or is this guy super smarmy? SUPER SMARMY!

And then she goes and kisses him?! REALLY?!

Ok, so... I understand that Mia needs some more experience in order to make her love with Michael so sweet (because they WILL get back together. I demand it!) but... urgh...

Plus, how stupid is Mia to go for him? Even if Lilly is making out with Kenny these days, she should realize that this will kill her relationship with her.

Princess in Training

Ok-- my thoughts on the ending of Princess in Training by Meg Cabot.

My original review is here.

So... it turns out that Michael does want to Do It. I almost cried when he said he wasn't going to wait forever for Mia. Part of me is also a little ticked at the 3 month re-evaluation of the situation. Dude--she'll jump you when she's ready.

On the other hand, it was realistic I think.

But, it's a book about princesses, I don't need realistic boys!!!!

So... I'm torn. It was a believable ending and sets up drama to come, but on the other hand, bad form Michael.