Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Invisible Things

SERIOUSLY, WTF?! All of a sudden Sophie doesn't give a shit about ANYTHING because yay! Mikael's back? When did Sophie, smart brave kickass Sophie turn into Bella?! And we no longer care about Elsa's blackmailing or the war or the bomb or how CREEPTASTIC floating Nobel is? NO! Snow Queen gave back Mikael and all is well because I'm in lurve and who the hell cares if the world ends tomorrow. LURVE! Puke. But even if we're going to go with that, smooch smooch THE END. Who cares that they're still in the creepy ice palace? It could use another page or two. The end just seemed so rushed and not at all in line with ANYTHING else going on. It would have been a better ending if Sophie woke up and the entire thing was a dream brought on by a wacky history assignment.


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