Wednesday, August 03, 2005


You know, I have real Harry Potter theories, too... not just gross ones.

1. The 7 pieces of Voldemort's soul
a. The bit still in Voldy
b. The Diary
c. The Ring
d. The Cup
e. Nagini
f. The Locket

2. Dumbledore totally turned into a phoenix at his funeral

3. Harry has to go back to school, because that's where the pensieve is, and man, that'll be important.

4. RAB= Regulus Black

5. Kreacher totally has the locket. Mundungus did not steal it. (Remember, we've seen the locket in Book 5)

6. If Harry survives the final show down, he'll get back together with Ginny

7. Harry will vanquish Voldemort, he just might die in the process

8. Some people have the theory that Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders. I wish this were true, but I sadly don't think it is.

*Reasons I want Snape to be good:
a. Harry needs to be wrong about something. It's not good for his ego that he's always so right, and also? look where that got him at the Department of Mysteries. Just sayin'
b. If this whole thing is going to come down to luuuuuuuurve, then we need to explore redemption. I mean, we have friendship love (Ron and Hermione) dirty lurve (Ginny) parental love (Lily dying to save Harry, Sirius, Dumbledore) understanding (Lupin and Hagrid) but we need some forgiveness and redemption, and Snape's the only character who can really flesh that out.

9. Peter Pettigrew will die protecting Harry.

10. We haven't seen the last of Victor Krum

11. Harry will play Quidditch for England for a few years

12. Alberforth (?) (Dumbledore's brother, the barman at the Hog's Head) will play a big role.

13. Ron and Hermione will finally get their act together, but she'll have to make the first move.

14. Uncle Vernon will hit the roof at the thought of Ron and Hermione coming to stay.

15. Aunt Petunia will do something very cool.

16. Something bad will happen on Harry's birthday and the fact he's no longer protected will be really obvious really quickly.

17. Draco and Harry will never get along, but Draco will switch sides.

18. We'll find out more of Lily and James's post-Hogwarts back story.

19. Neville will kick some serious ass.

20. A Weasley will die.

21. It will not be Ron or Ginny.

22. Hermione will be carrying Ron's love child at the end of the book. Wait. That goes under perverted theories. ;)


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